About Our Extracurricular Activities


We believe that children should have the opportunity to pursue their passions.

St. Paul's Beyond Program is designed to offer a wide range of interest-specific classes during 7th period (3:00-4:00 pm). 

***St. Paul students will sign up for Beyond upon enrolling and have the option to choose areas that interests them.

Student Clubs

St. Paul Hanoi also participates in other extra-curricular activities with Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) and Model UN (Model United Nations). These groups provide opportunities for students to participate in interscholastic activities with other schools.  

School Trips

Every year in the first semester, Middle & High School students have the incredible opportunity to take a week-long trip with other students in their grade level and teachers to start the year off with an adventure that will enable students to bond and build lasting memories together. 

***These trips are typically a location in Asia and happen around October before the fall break. 

Featured BEYOND for Middle & High School








Featured BEYOND for Elementary

Arts & Crafts






Student Clubs

At St. Paul American School Hanoi, we allow and encourage students to demonstrate leadership by hosting Student-Led Clubs at the school such as Model UN, Student Council and St.Paul Broadcasting Channel. These clubs are advised by St.Paul teachers and meet during lunch or after school.

Student Council

Model UN


Field Trips


Field trips and excursions are authorized and may be taken as an extension of the classroom to contribute to the achievement of the educational goals of the school. While on field trips, students are guests and considered ambassadors and representatives of the school. Students must treat employees, chaperones, and guides with respect and courtesy.


Parents are notified before the trip concerning the destination, times, and lunch arrangements if required. Parents are encouraged to accompany students and teachers on a field trip. Trips taken outside of the city of Hanoi require parents to sign a release.


Teachers plan trips of this nature to give students a learning hands-on, real world learning experience outside and beyond the traditional four walls of a classroom. 

Meet Our Activities Director

Activities Director, Patrick Hughes

We're excited to welcome a new member to our St. Paul community for the 2018-2019 school year!

Pat Hughes was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but attended Jakarta International School in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pat lived in Jakarta for 18 years and grew up as a Third Culture Kid. Pat has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Bridgewater State University. He has been living in Atyrau, Kazakhstan for the last 4 years working at an international school, teaching K-12 PE as well as being the school’s Athletic Director. Pat’s hobbies and passions are coaching, surfing, basketball, volleyball, working out and playing fantasy football. Pat and his wife, Lisa lead an active lifestyle and are very excited to explore Vietnam and to be part of a great team of educators.

Pat joins us with his wife, Lisa Hughes.