St. Paul American School Hanoi is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive school libraries in the city. The SPAS Library provides the following resources for our community:

  • Collections that meet the research and instructional needs of all age levels.
  • A safe, clean, pleasant and productive learning environment conducive to scholarly research, quiet study, and mutually respectful social interaction
  • Responsive service to the needs of its users

We have a staff of professional librarians to assist our students and families in using these resources. 

School Lunch

School Lunch

Each day, our canteen menu provides two main options for St.Paul students:   Asian and Western.  

​A carefully set out meal plan for the month is sent out to parents in the previous month. Parents can support children in elementary on their choices and older students can make their own selection for the month via one online system.

School Health Center (SHC)

The SPAS Hanoi SHC is open Monday through Friday 7:45 am to 5:00 pm and sometimes on Saturday for sports festivals. The SHC is available to provide first aid to students, staff and visitors. St. Paul American School’s office is staffed by a registered nurse to serve the health needs of students.

Volunteering and Charitable activities

In alignment with our mission of preparing our students to be engaged, educated, and empowered global citizens, we encourage students to get involved in community activities for both local and international charities. 

Dress Code

Our  school has adopted the following dress code policy for the 2017-2018 school year:

Standard Uniform

The standard uniform is to be worn during the regular school day when a student is not participating in PE or other event that requires specific clothing. The standard uniform consists of the following:

  • Shirt: St. Paul collared shirt (blue or red)
  • Pants: Khaki material/colored (beige) pants or shorts
  • Girls may wear khaki skirts or skorts

Physical Education (PE) Uniform

The following PE uniform is mandatory for all students:

  • Shirt: St. Paul PE shirt (purchased in the finance office)
  • Shorts: St. Paul gym shorts (purchased in the finance office)
  • Shoes: Tennis shoes or sneakers. Additionally, the shoes must have laces or velcro straps that firmly secure the shoe to the foot.
  • Restricted items: The following items may not be worn during PE class
    • Jewelry: To include rings, necklaces, and earrings
    • Accessories: This includes scarves, bulky hair clips, and bracelets

Bus Procedure

St. Paul American School Hanoi contracts its bus service to a local service provider. 

Morning Buses - Buses will arrive to the school between 8:15 AM and 8:25 AM. 

Afternoon Buses - Buses depart the school at the following times:

Monday to Friday: departs at 4:10 PM

Every Friday: departs at 3:10 PM

Students that participate in after-school activities will be transported by a separate bus. The departure time for this bus will depend on the activity and this information will be provided to the parents in advance.